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12 January 2023 - 13 January 2023
Wien (Vienna), Austria
CIMIx - Creative Industries meet Industry 2023 | The AV Edition


ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA, the Austrian internationalization and innovation agency, Film and Music Austria, Enterprise Europe Network and a range of governmental and industry partners are pleased to invite you to 

CIMIx - Creative Industries meet Industry 2023 | The AV Edition


On Thursday, January 12 and Friday, January 13, 2023

CIMIx is the first global matchmaking and conference event that brings together the creative economy, business and industry and explores global business opportunities, the advantages of Austria as a production location and future-readiness for the AV industry.

The event is supported by go-international, a joint initiative of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Labour and Economy and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.

What can you expect? 

“CIMIx 2023 | the AV Edition” features a variety of programming tracks that focus on different aspects of the film, TV and media business. Here, the Austrian and international AV community can discover current trends, develop new skills, discuss cutting-edge ideas, and network with like-minded professionals. 

There will also be plenty of opportunities for spontaneous and curated networking - for example at the evening event on January 12th, which is dedicated to 18 years of Creative Industries at ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA -, as well as recruitment speed-dating, a dedicated marketplace, and film and project presentations.

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Why participate?

The international tracks will cover the following topics:

  • Austria's new incentive model, which starts 1st Jan 2023
  • Formats & new content for TV & VOD 
  • AV & audio / music
  • AV & technology (animation, VFX, VR, AI, NFTs, Metaverse)
  • AV & creative industries (fashion, media art, music)
  • Austrian locations & services
  • AV goes international – new partnerships, new possibilities

    Who is this event for? 

    The core audience consists of the Austrian and international AV industry including buyers, sellers, producers, rights holders, authors, opinion leaders, distributors, funding institutions, film commissions, creative industry media as well as providers of technical services and new technologies (virtual reality, VFX, animations, etc). Entrepreneurs from other creative sectors (music, fashion, design, entertainment, media art) will also be served.

    Advantage: Austria!

    Austria is internationally renowned for world-class production houses, skilled crews, and attractive locations as well as its cutting edge VFX and post-production facilities and high-standard infrastructure. With an impressive increase of productions in recent years, the country in the very heart of Europe has proven to be a top destination for shooting films, series, docs, and other non-fiction formats. But this is just the beginning!

    Today, the Austrian AV industry finds itself at an exciting turning point. By January 1st, 2023, a new incentive model will be introduced that substantially increases the competitiveness and attractiveness of Austria as a business partner for the international film and media sector and allows those working in the local industry to benefit from the sector’s enormous global growth. The model provides for an uncapped, non-repayable subsidy of up to 35 % of the expenses incurred in Austria for AV productions, 5 % of which is a bonus for green producing. What’s more, Vienna’s new film & TV studios “HQ7 Studios” will be up and running by Q1 2024 - further boosting Austria’s attractiveness for production companies from all over the world.

    The global focus and the conference options make this event unique

    CIMIx 2023 invites you to explore international insights, as well as opportunities and successful business cases. The network of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA and its partners bring together Austrian and foreign companies and experts, which will make CIMIx a strong platform to boost the internationalization of the creative industries in general and especially the AV industry.

    Online b2b meetings on January 16 & 17, 2023

    On Monday, 16th and Tuesday, 17th January, participants who cannot be on site in Vienna will have the possibility to schedule individual online b2b meetings. These sessions are free of charge, can be arranged via the booking tool on this website and will take place via video call. Here you can read how this works.


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